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January 29, 2016


What do you want for the topic of your show? You can choose from anything that’s in your mind or anything that you personally love. Keep in mind if you love wrestling and your show name is The Wrestling Podcast show. If that is the name of your show, It will not be easy to get Singers, Songwriters, Actors and so fourth just due to the fact that you’ve already set an exact topic for your show with Wrestling. It didn’t take me long to come up with the name “The Drew Show” With a name like The Drew Show its allowed me to have Actors, Musicians, Sports Figures and so on!

Stop thinking about getting your favorite Musician, Movie star, or Artist. Until you make a name for yourself and you have proved that you have merit then you will not get anyone name worthy on your show.
Start out with local talent, Local singers, songwriters artists, comedians. Pick up a local magazine, If you live in Nashville then it would be the Nashville Scene, Or post an ad on Craigslist. Or simply do a Google search for local talent that is in your area and reach out to them and let them know that you would like to have them as a guest on your show. You have to build up your shows credibility, You want people talking about you.
You will get rejection emails from Clients and Publicists and sometimes no emails at all. One of the biggest pieces of advice I could give you DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONAL! I cannot stress that enough honestly. You will get emails that may simply say “We are passing right now” or “I’m sorry he is not available right now” Or even that “Their schedule is so hectic that they cannot make room right now for a Interview at this time” I know that a lot of people do not like to hear the word No. I promise, If you respond in a negative manner then you are done not only with that client but any future clients that the agency represents.

You are asking that agent or publicist to ask their client to take out time during their day to call to be a guest on your show, So you need to be ready for any questions that you are asked. (Listener Numbers, Demographics, Your personal Website dedicated to the show) Anything that you can think of that someone will want to know about your show then be prepared! I cannot stress this enough the importance of being prepared. Their are 4.5 million listeners on BlogTalkRadio. Do you have 4.5 million listeners? No you don’t. I don’t like the word Lie. So let’s say do not misinform the “contact” that you have 4.5 million listeners to your show, Or even 1 million and they go to your page which they will do! And see that you’ve only had a handful of shows with really no one worthy of bringing in that kind of listenership. This is no disrespect to your show, If you want your show to be successful then you have to work at it very hard and you never stop working at it. But let’s be honest while we are working at it, Tell the truth about your views or listenership.

Another thing that I hate to see, and I know its going to happen. Is going onto websites and buying Twitter or Facebook Followers because you think its going to make your show look more successful then it really is. I have met these people, They say well if I buy 500,000 Twitter followers then they will think I have well over 1 million listens to my show. WRONG! We don’t have to talk about the fact that these are fake followers and they will eventually be deleted. But let’s talk about what should be the obvious. If you buy Twitter, Facebook, Or even YouTube Followers and you Tweet, Post, Or Upload content to any of these pages. Its not very hard to look at these pages and see that no one has favored or retweed you on Twitter, You only have 3-5 likes on Facebook from a post, You may only have 10-50 viewers on your YouTube video. But somehow you have over 500,000 Twitter followers and however many Facebook and YouTube followers. If I can clearly see that its fake I promise you so can anyone else. Do not mislead anyone into thinking that your show is more successful than it really is.
Let’s talk about having your guest on the show!

When I first got started doing The Drew Show, I had no idea what I was doing honestly. I had several shows with friends and sometimes no one at all. I just getting comfortable seeing that red light “On-Air” pop up. And knowing how I would react to it and what I was going to say. I highly recommend doing the same thing. Don’t have your first show with a guest unless you’ve practiced a little. It doesn’t take a lot, But get comfortable hearing yourself and speaking through a microphone.

There were a few other Podcasters that I reached out to for advice, Basically its a lot of doing it yourself and finding your own way of doing things. I still remember when I was first getting started one of my favorite shows on TBS was “Glory Days” one of the Podcasters that I followed on BlogTalkRadio had one of the main actors of that show on their show. And I was immediately trying to figure out how they were able to get him and what I could do to get him on my show. The advice that they gave me was that TBS reached out to them for the Interview. And that was it! Not much help right? Well I didn’t think so either at the time until as I mentioned above You have to build up your shows credibility, You want people talking about you (In a good way of course). And as honest as I can tell you they will reach out to you. Do the work, Have guests on your show, it will build credibility and you will make a name for yourself. Just because you email and agent an you get a rejection email back doesn’t mean that you are done with that Agency. More than likely they will contact you in the future of other clients that they have available. Or they will pass your name along and someone else will reach out to you from another agency and offer you their clients. (This has happened to me many many times and to this day I receive 3-4 emails a week about guests I could have on the show) When they email you do not turn a Interview down. Treat every potential guest with just as much respect as you would someone that you’ve been a fan of all your life. I have been so blessed to work with some amazing agencies and publicists that a lot of them I can call my friend. I work directly with NBC with their guests from upcoming shows, I have been at huge Christian music award shows for 3 years in a row and on the red carpet Interviewing artists. I have attended many music festivals and celebrity conventions with media credentials. I know you may think that its lucky that we get to do these things, And it seems far off for you to do these things but its not. There are millions of Podcast radio shows, But only a few thousand are actually successful because they put in the work. I know you’ve probably heard this before, But you have to spend money to make money. Whether you like that term or not. You can easily get 500 business cards from Vista Print with shipping and everything for about $25-30. Once you start making some money from advertisers from your show then put some of that money right back into your show with creating ads with Facebook and Twitter. They make it so easy to create a budget and a AD campaign. One thing that I did with business cards, I would go by McDonalds drive thru to get lunch and as I was leaving I would hand the cashier a business card. You never know who they may know either. If I saw a bulletin board with cards on it I would post my card right up there on it. I would hand my card to anyone I saw and talk to them about my show.

Twitter and Facebook basics. Its very easy to get carried away and kind of lose yourself on social media with nonsense of arguing, putting yourself in a heated debate with others. Keep in mind that you need to keep your social media pages as clean and professional as you do while you are on the air. Your pages will be looked over and monitored by those of who you are asking for a Interview.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to try and get a guest over social media. Tweet them, and Facebook them. Whatever you do, Do not harass them on social media. Its Okay to ask a few times but do not beg and plead for them to be on your show. You will harass them and you will probably get blocked.

One of the first things you have to do is find who represents someone that you want to have on your show. The easiest way is a website called WhoRepresents.com. They have a few subscription services that are affordable. If not, Go to their website and look for a “Contact” page, Or go on Facebook and look under their “About” Section. Sometimes neither one exists for finding contact information so you have to dig a little bit and even spend the money on a subscription website like I mentioned. There will be many times that you will find out the contact information for the Agent or Publicist and there is no email address. Even if you don’t want to, Pick up the phone call them. Ask for that specific person and more than likely you will get their assistant. Tell them who you are and what the name of your show is. Tell them that you would like to have the name of their client as a call in guest on your show. He/She will tell you to send the request by email and will provide the email address at that time. Thank them and let them know you will be sending a email in the next few minutes. You may have the question on the phone to explain more about your show and its listeners. Again be prepared for any question and to answer that question. I can’t tell you how to answer a question like that about your show. You only know yourself what your show has done. Whether you send a email first, Or you speak to someone and them send a email always follow up! I like to give it a week to a week and 1/2 and I will follow up with a phone call and say. Hello, My name is Andrew Woodson, I am a Producer for The Drew Show. We sent a email last week asking to have your client Mr John Doe on our show and just wanted to touch base. At that time they may ask you to send the email again or they will dig your email our of their inbox and tell you that they will forward it to the appropriate person and will get back to you soon.
If you do get a email telling you that basically they are not going to give you the requested Interview. Email them and thank them for their time and let them know that if their client has any time available in the future then to please keep you in mind. You should already know this but Always say please and thank you no matter who you are speaking with or what you are doing.

Be prepared to do this whole thing on your own, I have been at it for 4 years now with little to no help from anyone else. I have tried to have co-hosts and it never worked out, Either because I felt like I couldn’t trust them with the show, Or I was so picky and I wanted perfection with the show that I felt like I would be better off doing it myself (You will see what I mean when you start doing it yourself) And you will more than likely have skeptics but who doesn’t right?

One thing I was told by a veteran radio host, This is your show, But without the listeners you wouldn’t have a show. Have guests on your show that your listeners want, Not always that you want And I can say that I have stuck to that. I can also say that I have been very lucky, Every single person I have ever welcomed on The Drew Show is someone that I wanted to have as well as my listeners.
Most of the time, the guests agent will call in to your show with their client (Your guest) to have the Interview. The Agent will mute his or her end of the call and will be listening in. Not only for the clients protection so you will not have their phone number. But to see how you handle yourself and how you treat their client.
Have your questions well prepared, You don’t have to research what movie they did when they were 5 years old. But find some fun facts about your guest, Something that makes them unique and that a lot of fans out there probably had no idea about. If you can make your guest laugh then you are on the right track. One thing with my show is I like to ask questions as a fan. Will there ever be a reunion of the show you were on? Do you still speak to your cast members from long ago? Are you amazed that after all these years this show is still just as popular as it was when it was filmed and its even reaching a new audience? Have fun and your guest will as well.

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