Remembering Sylvia Browne

January 21, 2016

Growing up in a small town in South Georgia. There wasn’t much to do on rainy and cold days besides sit at home and watch TV.  One of my favorite shows when I was a teenager was the Montel Williams show.  Many of us remember the Montel Williams show as being the one of the greatest daytime talk shows ever.  He had guests ranging from family issues, to finding love, and of course finding out your own future and past.  I watched Montel welcome on his show numerous times a lady by the name of Sylvia Browne. It was amazing what she was doing bringing hope to so many people and giving her insight to the future.


I was always very curious what it would be like to talk to this woman that knew so much about someone’s life.  Once I found out how long the waiting list was I thought it was impossible and I would never have the opportunity.  One day when I was booking guests for The Drew Show, I sent a request to have Sylvia on our show.  I quickly received a email saying that Sylvia appreciated my request but she is not available for Interviews at this time.  It was pretty much what I thought would happen but I had to take a chance.

I waited a year and I found out that Sylvia’s media contact had changed. I reached out again to someone and I received a very nice email from a man named Michael who asked that I call him to talk about this opportunity. I called him right away, We ended up talking on the phone two or three times.  Every time I talked to Michael I expressed my deep respect for Sylvia and how much we would love to have her on.  Michael informed me that Sylvia would love to be on our show, It sent chills down my arm.  He then said Oh by the way, I am Sylvia’s husband Michael.  I laughed so hard at this, I am speaking to this man for days and this whole time I am speaking Sylvia Browne’s husband!

After the jokes and laughter stopped, We booked a date to have Sylvia on our show.  Then a few days later Sylvia called into our show.  I was able to speak with her for several minutes before we brought her on.  I guess I needed my own time to get past being “Star Struck”.  And I even had a few questions of my own.  I could tell right away that she was a very kind and loving woman by her entire demeanor and attitude towards taking time out of her personal schedule.  I was shocked at the amount of listeners and callers we had for that show.  I knew we wouldn’t be able to get to every single phone call, But I knew that Sylvia wanted to be able to get to everyone.  We took as many calls as we could and we had to let Sylvia go.   I called her after the show just to thank her so much for joining us and to let her know that we had so many people waiting to speak with her.  She absolutely did not hesitate in saying that she would love to come back onto the show and take more calls.  We immediately set up another show and took even more calls the second time.  If you listened to that second show I thanked Sylvia for coming back and she said “That’s because I love you Andrew”.  That meant so much to me for this lady that I thought was so amazing on TV when I was a teenager and now I am actually speaking with her.  I was at a loss for words. But that was Sylvia.  I had the rare chance to get to know Sylvia and the kind of person she was. The kind of person that loved her fans and had such respect for the people that loved what she did.  She didn’t mind if anyone ever doubted her. She believed in what she did and she spread the love to everyone around her.

After the second time we had Sylvia on our show, The news broke and said that Amanda Berry had been found alive. Many years ago during the Montel Williams show, A lady stood up in the audience and asked Sylvia if she knew where her daughter was.  Sylvia informed Amanda Berry’s mom that Amanda had passed away.  Once it came out that this young lady was found alive after all these years, Sylvia caught hell. She was paraded around the Internet by mocks and criticism.  But people didn’t even realize that she still loved them.  I called Sylvia once this story broke and I let her know that I was praying for her and that she would come through this.  She was very kind as always and thanked me, And we shortly discussed having her back on the show.  I let her know that I would be back in touch.  Many months passed since we spoke, And I learned one evening that Sylvia had passed away.  I was extremely shocked and saddened by hearing this.   I regretted not having her back on the show to let her bring joy to her fans once again, And I do miss her everyday.  I have been asked by people since then if my feelings changed for Sylvia when the news came out about Amanda Berry.  Valid question, and simple answer is No.  There’s no part of me that believes that Sylvia was false in her readings, Or would ever lie to someone for personal gain.  I believe that Sylvia had a strong reading that Amanda had passed away.  Thankfully she was found alive. But in my opinion, Her mother should have never stopped believing that her daughter wasn’t still out there somewhere.

After Sylvia passed, I received a phone call from Chris Dufresne, Who I learned was Sylvia’s son.  I deeply expressed my concern for his loss. And he was grateful for that. Chris also shares his mom’s gift of psychic readings. And we have welcomed Chris many times on our show.  It is so refreshing to speak to Chris and hear his many stories about his Mom and how she touched so many people around her.  To this day Sylvia is loved by so many of her fans, And now it makes it even more special that her son is there to carry on her legacy.

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